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Cloud7 News is a news source that publishes the latest news, industry news and exclusive interviews on web hosting, cloud computing, data center, cybersecurity and linux.

Cloud7 is a polished, highly technical news portal designed for IT professionals and managers, especially those working in the Web Hosting, Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity industries.

Our readers are the leading experts who are the first to identify key technical needs of their companies and also the first to locate opportunities for improving their networks.

Cloud7 informs the readers about the latest news and trends in cloud computing, web hosting, Linux administration, data center, cybersecurity industries. In addition to the sectoral news and announcements, we also create articles to guide our readers to understand what the best solutions and service providers are.

At Cloud7, you can find articles specialized in web hosting, tips & tricks about Linux administration, and the new products of IT companies. Following Cloud7 is a good way to stay up-to-date about Linux, cloud, hosting, and data center industries.

Cloud7 reaches deep into the very heart of the IT business, where critical opinions regarding needs are formed and buying decisions begin.

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We have a team of six; four of them working on content side and two working for content marketing and security. Cloud7 News brings together the latest news coverage and analysis on the trends and technologies.

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