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Cloud7 News is a news source that publishes the latest news, industry news and exclusive interviews on web hosting, cloud computing, data center, cybersecurity and linux.

At Cloud7 News, we are reporting the latest news over a year to inform our readers about the latest trends in cloud, hosting, Linux, data center, cybersecurity industry. While focusing on these industries, our reader can also find whitepapers, articles on expert blog and interviews with leading companies in these industries. In addition to sectoral news and announcements, we also create articles to guide our readers to understand what the best solutions and service providers are.

Under the directory, our readers can directly reach the hosting packages of the leading hosting providers. On our expert blog, our readers can find articles about latest technology trends and recommondations for tech problems.

At Cloud7.News, you can find articles specialized on web hosting, the details about Linux distros and the new products of web hosting companies, and cloud services providers. Following Cloud7.News is a good way to stay up-to-date about Linux, cloud, hosting, and data center industry.

The Team

We have a team of six; four of them working on content side and two working for content marketing and security. Cloud7 News brings together the latest news coverage and analysis on the trends and technologies.


Atalay Kelestemur
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Seda Nur Cinar
News Editor
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Erdem Yasar
News Editor
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Julide Gamze Cecen
Multimedia Editor
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Audience Growth

Ugur Kubilay Cam
Content Marketing Specialist
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Birol Bavas
Security & Operations Specialist
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