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SECaaS, also known as “Security as a Service”, is a cloud-based method that offers security technologies. SECaaS providers help organizations to protect themselves against various online threats. It allows organizations to outsource their cybersecurity, which can include data protection, VoIP security, database security, and general network security. SECaaS solutions are gaining popularity recently among corporations with scalability and cost-savings benefits. In SECaaS solutions, the provider is responsible for the management of security services.

What are the SECaaS models?

SECaaS solutions can have flat or tiered prices or can cost per feature, usage-based, or per user. Similar to other cloud-based delivery models, there are various SECaaS models depending on the features included in the solution.

What are the benefits of security as a service?

Like other cloud offerings, outsourcing an organization’s needs can be very beneficial whether it is large or small. By outsourcing rather than on-premises security solutions, you can focus on somewhere else to improve the business. Also, most SECaaS providers are using the most improved, latest, and updated security tools available to protect their customers against the latest threats.

These tools are used by experienced IT security experts who spent years in this field, and thus can act faster if something unexpected happens. Organizations can scale up or down the solution they are using to meet their demands. And most importantly, outsourcing cyber security eliminates some hefty expenses, which allows organizations to save on costs. SECaaS solutions monitor the system constantly with the latest technologies possible to provide 24/7 protection with customer support.

What are the challenges of SECaaS?

Along with many positives of SECaaS, there are also some risks. Some of these challenges are that the organization no longer has full control over the security operations. In some cases, customers can also face shared technology vulnerabilities and possible data leakage.

What should be considered when choosing a SECaaS provider?

While choosing the ideal SECaaS provider, there are various things to consider. First of all, there are various providers offering the same features for different prices. The total cost of ownership is an important criterion. However, make sure that you understand the solutions right to avoid any unexpected extra costs. Also, to avoid vendor lock-in by choosing a vendor that provides interoperability.

Make sure that the solution you prefer also comes with a reporting mechanism that includes detailed information about security incidents, attack logs, and other important data. Response time is very important in cyber security, thus a good SECaaS provider should be able to provide a quick response time. And finally, similar to other online services, availability is very important. A good SECaaS provider should be constantly available and offer support.

Examples of SECaaS offerings

SECaaS solutions’ features vary by vendor. Most basic SECaaS features are monitoring and responding to a vulnerability immediately. There are some providers using more advanced tools, such as automated incident response tools or machine learning to analyze the historic data to be able to prevent the incident before they occur.

SECaaS solutions can also include disaster recovery, data loss prevention, email security, encryption, identity management, intrusion management, network security, security assessment, vulnerability scanning, and web security. Organizations can find the ideal provider by prioritizing their needs and searching for a provider that can offer all of them.

What risks does SECaaS protect remote workers from?

It can be tricky for organizations to provide a secure working atmosphere for remote workers. SECaaS helps organizations with identity and access management. It uses identity verification and user management tools that provide authentication and access intelligence. It also protects users from phishing, spam, and malicious attachments with email security features. SECaaS also monitors the network continuously to detect anything unusual to take action. The provider manages network access and distributes, protects, and monitors network services. SECaaS solutions can also protect remote workers’ devices against various threats online.

Who can benefit from SECaaS solutions?

Any organization can benefit from SECaaS, regardless of its size. Today, most businesses are using online technologies to sell products, reach customers, or provide services. SECaaS providers are capable of helping organizations improve their security. Considering the increase in cyber threats, outsourcing cyber security to security experts is a wise choice.

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