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Full-Stack Developer

Published 1 year ago


  • 🕘 Flexible Hours
  • 💸 $350 Referral Bonus
  • 🗺 Anywhere in the World
  • 💡 3+ Years of Experience
  • 🔑 Work with the Founders
*Get Paid: If you recommend this job to the person that gets hired, we will give you a $350 referral bonus! How will we contact you about giving you your bonus? Tell your referral to list your name and/or email in the “How did you hear about this job?” question. Once they’re hired, we’ll make sure you get paid.

About Us

SegMetrics is a bootstrapped marketing analytics platform that’s focused on making marketing optimization a snap for digital marketers — now with 85% less pivot tables.

We’re passionate about enabling digital marketers to better understand their leads, and more easily optimize their marketing funnels. We believe that marketers should have the best tools at their fingertips, and not need a degree in advanced statistics to make actionable marketing decisions.

We’re looking for an experienced, data-driven (or data-curious) full-stack developer to join us. This is a full-time, remote position with a flexible schedule, but we try to be available during main US business hours.

You might be a perfect fit if you’re someone who’s into marketing analytics, building new ways of looking at, and working with, data — or you like working with large amounts of data at scale.

In analytics, there are a hundred different ways to get the end result — if you’re someone who likes solving those types of puzzles, you’ll definitely fit in.

About the Role

We strive to make working at SegMetrics a unique experience where you can learn and grow in a fast-growing company. We have a team full of truly exceptional people who are fun to work with, and at the top of their game. Here’s how we operate:

Responsibility and Empowerment 
At SegMetrics, we appreciate, respect, and trust the expertise and judgment of our developers. We try our best to empower them to do what they think is right.

We also work collaboratively. We continuously seek the right amount of structure and unity necessary to maximize productivity. Where it makes sense, we designate someone to make a call.

Even though our developers are right a lot, it’s okay to make mistakes here. Exploration and calculated risks are vital to velocity and growth. We freely admit when we’re wrong. If something doesn’t go as expected, we learn, bounce back, and make corrections.

You won’t be alone; others will be there to help, review, reassure, and back you up. We own our processes and collective outcomes as a team.

Live Where You Want

We’re a distributed team, so you can live and work wherever you want, as long as it’s somewhere between the US Pacific and the Central European Time Zone. Proximity doesn’t influence productivity. Just make sure you have a reliable internet connection. Developers need to be available between 8am PST – 3pm PST normal business hours.

No Crazy Hours

We want everyone to have a full life outside of SegMetrics. We seldom work more than 40 hours per week. There have been rare occasions where things got a little crazy, and people logged some extra hours. But then they took additional time off to balance it all out. We work hard and smart, but we’re in this for the long haul; there’s no need to go crazy on the hours. We focus on what we get done, not how long you can sit in a chair.

You, Our New Full Stack Developer

You’re a Full Stack developer with at least three years of experience building, shipping, monitoring, and maintaining Laravel SaaS apps at scale (not just websites).

Some client-side experience is required as a minimum, meaning you know enough HTML/CSS/some-client-side-framework to get stuff on the screen. We are a small, cross-functional team, and you will likely find yourself responsible for implementation on both the back-end (Laravel and MySQL), as well as the front-end (using Vue).

You have experience with servers and infrastructure, although you probably wouldn’t call yourself “dev ops.” You could help in architecting and maintaining scalable solutions.

You’ll do things like help vet and improve our server-side layer, implement new features, integrate with third-party APIs, and manage our application.

Examples of things you might be working on at SegMetrics

  • Integrating with 3rd party APIs like Email Service Providers, Payment Gateways and Ad Platforms
  • Profiling our data importers to understand where bottlenecks are in our queue processes and acting on the information to reduce server load
  • Helping improve our public and private APIs to make them easier for external and internal developers to use Working with our database queries to make sure that our data collection and analytics are speedy for our customers
  • Adding new visualizations or report types to help customers better understand their marketing data
  • Updating behavior or adding a new UI component to our web app
  • Writing automated tests for new features or improving our existing test suites
  • Submitting and reviewing PRs in BitBucket, collaborating in Clubhouse, and jumping on a Slack call to get an extra pair of eyes on a gnarly bug

You’re the one we’re looking for if

  • You are a full-stack developer, with 3+ years experience in PHP Laravel + Vue development as well as experience with building analytical queries in MySQL
  • You are passionate about analytics and data sleuthing
  • You enjoy the MarTech space and are interested in the problems that they encounter
  • You enjoy a challenge and figuring out how to solve problems in a way that helps all customers, not just an individual problem
  • You are eager to learn new things
  • You can ship code and features reliably
  • You can function well with minimal oversight, work remotely, and
  • You are proactive about solving problems and will seek out things that can be improved
  • Work well in a team environment
  • You are able to keep a good work-life balance. We do not expect “butts in seats” but are focused on consistently completing objectives & shipping solid code

You probably aren’t the one we’re looking for if

  • You need to be told what to work on next (no shame on this. Just not the role we’re looking for)
  • You haven’t worked on a production app in the past
  • You don’t work well with project managers or deadlines
  • You aren’t responsive through asynchronous communication channels like Slack
  • You have the design sense of a drunk hamster
    (we’re not looking for amazing, but better than purple-and-orange-buttons-on-green-background)
  • You don’t go out looking for problems to solve
  • You can’t build out a feature plan from a customer request
  • You are anti-marketing / feel that pixel tracking is an abomination for the web
    (We don’t disagree, but it helps to not hold our customers in contempt)
P.S. If this position isn’t right for you at this time, but you know someone else who might be interested, we’d really appreciate it if you pass this along!


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