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What is F5 Networks?

F5 Networks that was founded in 1994 is a multi-cloud application security and delivery company. It helps largest enterprises, financial institutions, service providers, and governments to bring extraordinary digital experiences to life. F5 offers automation, security, performance, and insight solutions that enables adaptive applications. The company has technology alliances with AWS, Microsoft Azure, Red Hat, HashiCorp, Cisco and Equinix.

F5 Network’s application services include traffic optimization, security, cloud services and cloud software. F5 application services has integration with major cloud providers and are available directly through marketplace offerings with variable PAYG or perpetual BYOL consumption options. Moreover, F5 offers supports, training, certification, support and professional services.

F5 Secure Application Services provides customers with access to the skills, processes, and technological expertise needed to reduce risk to their web apps. It combines application knowledge and technical consulting, to improve customers’ CI/CD pipeline and app security posture cost-effectively, without impacting go-to-market timelines.

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