GIGA Data Centers (GIGA)

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What is GIGA Data Centers (GIGA)?

GIGA Data Centers (GIGA) delivers colocation data centers and scalable infrastructure solutions. The company operates a multi-tenant data center using prefabricated modules that can be rapidly deployed to support up to 50kW per rack.

GIGA was founded in 2017. Its headquarters regions are Greater Atlanta Area, East Coast, Southern US. The data center services cover server management and monitoring managed security, technology installation and upgrades, disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS), and data center migration.

GIGA operates OCP-Ready status awarded Charlotte Data Center, Oak Ridge, Tennesse Data Center. The high-density colocation provider provides colocation services using hyper-scale modular data center technology based on scale, sustainability, speed, and security. GIGA’s Data Centers’ modular data center technology aims to reduce cost and improve business performance. The company’s goal is to add 15 data centers by 2026.

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