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What is Google?

The search engine designed by two university students became one of the biggest companies in the world today. Stanford University students Larry Page and Sergey Brin were working on a search engine, named BackRub. University’s computer was not capable of running the engine, so they decided to register the domain, Google, in 1997. Shortly after, Google raised $100,000 funding from Andy Bechtolsheim and Google hired its first employee, another student from Stanford, Craig Silverstein. Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos was also invested in the company during its early stages.

Google proved its search engine capabilities and gained popularity quickly. Larry Page received a patent for PageRank technology in 2001 and it boosted the capabilities of the engine. During the following years, Google launched a variety of products that changed the internet habits of many people. Some of them are Gmail, Google Docs, Google Drive, and the popular web browser Chrome. The company also acquired the popular video platform YouTube and The company also launched a cloud service named Google Cloud Platform. As smartphones becoming popular lately, Google decided to create an operating system for mobile devices, Android, and it became the most popular mobile OS. Android is now installed on many other devices such as watches, smart glasses, home appliances, cameras, smart TVs cars, etc. Google also released its own branded devices, such as Nexus smartphones, Google Home, Google Fi, Chromebooks, and Stadia.

In 2015 Google decided to reconstruct its divisions. A new parent company is formed with the name, Alphabet and Google became a subsidiary of the parent company. Sergey Brin became the president of the Alphabet and Larry Page is appointed as the CEO. Later, Sundar Pichai took Brin’s position. With all these successful products, Google became a tech giant and one of the most powerful and biggest companies in the world.

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