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What is Intel?

  • Legal Name: Intel Corporation
  • Website:
  • Founded: 1968
  • Founder(s): Gordon Moore, Robert Noyce
  • Wikipedia:
  • Stock Symbol: NASDAQ: INTC
  • People Also Search: Intel Corporation, Intel Corp.

Intel Corporation is the world’s largest and highest valued semiconductor chip manufacturer. Santa Clara-based company is also the inventor of x86 series of microprocessors. In 2018, the company is ranked 46 in Fortune’s list of largest U.S. corporations by revenue. Intel also produces motherboard chipsets, network interface controllers, integrated circuits, flash memory, graphics chips, embedded processors, and other devices. Intel’s 2019 revenue is $71.9 billion and the company has more than 110,000 employees around the world.

Intel was founded in 1968. The company is founded by Robert Noyce and Gordon Moore, who is also known for Moore’s law. The name, Intel, is a combination of integrated and electronics. Intel was known as the developer of SRAM and DRAM memory chips. Intel’s first commercially available microprocessor, Intel 4004 was launched in 1971 and its first microcomputer in 1973. In 1972, Intel opened its first international manufacturing facility in Malaysia.

Intel’s investments in microprocessor designs during the 1990s shaped the computed industry. Thus Intel became the industry leader in the microprocessor market. Intel’s third employee, Andy Grove also played an important role during Intel’s rapid growth during the 1980s and 1990s. In 2005, Intel focussed on processor and chipset business and next year launched core microarchitecture which is perceived as a big leap in processor performance. In 2008, Intel’s 45 nm Penryn microarchitecture also became a huge success. Intel planned to launch 32-nanometer Medfield processors which is also designed to be energy-efficient.

Intel also announced some major acquisitions especially after 2010. Some of those acquisitions are Infineoun’s Wireless Solution from Infineon Technologies, navigation software company Telmap, gesture-based interfaces technology provider Omek Interactive, PasswordBox, network chipmaker Lantiq, FPGA design company Altera, cognitive computing company Saffron Technology, deep-learning startup Nervana Systems, computer vision startup Movidius, autonomous driving system developer Mobileye.

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