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What is IPXO?

IPXO is formerly known as Heficed’s IP Address Platform is now the world’s first IP marketplace. The Internet Protocol Exchange Organization, or IPXO for short, is the provider of an IPv4 lease and monetization platform that matches IP holders with organizations looking to lease IPv4 resources. The company aims to facilitate IPv4 monetization and help alleviate the IPv4 shortage.

The platform, which is being developed since early 2019, offers a flexible, cost-efficient solution without a long-term commitment. IPXO’s marketplace offers millions of IP address blocks across the five Regional Internet Registries and hosts IPv4 subnet blocks from /8 to /24 in all RIRs, ensuring flexible automation and management. It also provides transparency during every step and a simple dashboard.

One of the company’s core values is to fight against IP address abuse and the company has implemented measures to allow IP addresses to remain clean. Its software also provides global routing security and its integrated intelligent BGP management solution scales dynamic routing policies. For better route security, the company also implemented RPKI verification standards.

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