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  • Kubermatic Gmbh
  • Legal Name: Kubermatic Gmbh
  • Website: www.kubermatic.com
  • Founded: 2016
  • Founder(s): Julian Hansert, Sebastian Scheele

What is Kubermatic?

Kubermatic, formerly known as Loodse, is a European Kubernetes company that was founded in April of 2016. Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform, launched in February of 2017, allows organizations to fully automate their Kubernetes and cloud-native operations on multi-cloud, edge, and on-premise. It also accelerates the cloud-native transformation.

Shortly after launching its platform, the company received German Accelerator Tech and became a Kubernetes-certified distribution by the CNCF. It is also among the first round of CNCF certified Kubernetes Service Provider and Training Partner. In 2018, Kubermatic released the Red Hat OpenShift on Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform and open-sourced KubeOne Kubernetes lifecycle management tool.

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