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  • Legal Name: Zadara Storage, Inc
  • Website:
  • Founded: 2011
  • Founder(s): Nelson Nahum, Yair Hershko
  • Industry: Cloud Services

What is Zadara?

Zadara is an enterprise cloud service provider, offering reliable, secure, and innovative edge cloud technologies and services designed for MSPs, Telcos, & Partners. Zadara’s Cloud Platform (ZCP) simplifies operational complexity through automated end-to-end infrastructure provisioning of computing, storage, and network resources.

The enterprise cloud service provider was founded in 2021 by Nelson Nahum, Yair Hershko. Zadara is headquartered in Irvine, California, with Cirencester (UK), Tokyo, Yokneam (Israel), Bangalore, and Brazil. Its main goal is to accelerate edge cloud adoption across global enterprises. The company operates worldwide hundreds of data centers with public and private cloud partners. Its hardware/software is combined with its pay-only-for-what-you-use model.

Supported by Zadara’s team of battle-tested cloud experts and backed by our 100% SLA guarantee, Zadara Edge Cloud delivers future-ready infrastructure-as-a-service solutions. Zadara Cloud Services is a growing collection of fully managed, enterprise-grade services – computing, networking, storage, and more.

In terms of platforms, zCompute is designed to facilitate migration. Easy provisioning with predefined computes instances, straightforward pricing model, AWS EC2 compatible APIs, easy VM backups with snapshots are some of zCompute’s benefits. Another solution of Zadara, zStorage supports any data type any protocol, in any location (on-premises, across clouds or in a hybrid environment) with the desired performance (Flash and/or Hard Disk-based). Zadara Virtual Private Storage Arrays creates private cloud storage with dedicated drives, CPUs, memory, and I/O, by combining innovative software with standard hardware to

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